Such infections are usually caused by Streptococcus agalactia or Streptococcus aureus. A localized swelling in the breast, or a lump, is usually the first manifestation of the infection. Alternatively, the entire breast may swell until it is abnormally large. There is also usually pus discharging from the nipple itself.


Staph-induced blood poisoning. I need hardly tell you that this condition is extremely serious. In this sort of infection, the bacteria have actually entered, and are multiplying in the bloodstream. The afflicted person will experience a drop in blood pressure and will suffer a fever. This condition is known as Bacteremia and is life-threatening. It tends to spread rapidly through the body, causing infections in various tissues and organs.

The brain or the heart may be affected, but just about any internal organ is at risk, including the lungs, bones or muscular tissue. The sites around artificial implants can also very easily be infected. Aside from the basic symptoms, the symptoms of subsidiary infections will also manifest.