The incubation period is quite long, which makes the disease stand out from the similar health conditions. The person who catches the virus falls sick in just two weeks or almost a month. The virus can be passed to other people during the next ten days before the signs show up. Vaccinated individuals will avoid the problem anyway. Adults do not share this disease. In fact, it is barely met in American society.

Can the doctors name the major symptoms of this disease? The signs need up to 3 weeks to develop and pop up. The main symptoms occur and are present for about one week. Those are reddish rash, which basically covers the patient’s face, moving to other parts sooner or later; a fever less than 102°F; swelling sensation in the lymph nodes; dizziness; ache in the muscles, and tired eyes, colored in red. The baby or child may feel really bad once Rubella symptoms appear. Pay attention to these symptoms in case you or your wife is pregnant.

Are there any special risk factors? If you’re the one vaccinated with the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, you may forget about this problem. However, there are always people around, so you should take care of their health too, especially of the little kids. Unlike the United States, the problem can still occur in the countries that do not get the proper amount of vaccination and other medical treatment.