Watch out for the deterioration of the appearance of fingernails and toenails. An unpleasant appearance of the nails may refer to diabetes or other illnesses like the one described in this block. It looks like they become too thin instead of being too thick. They become dim, weak; cavities are formed on them. Nails become like the surface of a thimble. This sign reveals a progressive form of psoriatic arthritis.

Tiredness and weakness. Usually, psoriatic arthritis can also affect vessels and heart muscle, so people with this disease have a higher risk of seizures and heart failure. Chest pain is a significant symptom. If you have these symptoms (whether you have had heart or lung disease before or not), you should immediately seek medical help.

Morning inflexibility. The mentioned above symptoms are not enough to put the proper diagnosis. A symptom of morning stiffness is one more thing which should be in place for a doctor to tell it is exactly psoriatic arthritis. Feels like the extremities are put in some tight pockets or gloves.” It seems like the person is wearing a tight corset, which limits the movements. With a relatively mild course of illness, the symptom is mostly gone in an hour or two after the patient has gotten out of bed. But with a severe course, this unpleasant feeling can persist until one hour in the afternoon or even longer.