Swollen articulation. Psoriasis tends to affect not only the patient’s skin but also the joints. In autoimmune disease, the patient’s joints can be swollen, swelling forms around them. Often the patient feels pain in the joints, which hinders his movement. Such disease is called psoriatic arthritis. Timely medical care can prevent the progress of this psoriasis symptom.

Scalp dryness and itching. Often psoriasis patient notices that his or her scalp is itching a lot. At an early stage of this symptom, doctors recommend using a special shampoo. But if blisters and rashes start appearing on the scalp of the patient, the more radical measures of treatment should be applied.

Silver skin tone. In some cases, production of skin becomes too high. It leads to increasing quantity of dead skin on the surface, which gives skin hardness and some silver tone. It is a very unpleasant defect for any person so try to get medical help in short time.