With all forms of the flow of dermatomyositis, treatment with corticosteroid hormones (glucocorticoids) is indicated. The use of steroid hormones changes the course and poor prognosis of the disease. Recommended large daily doses of hormones: prednisolone – 60-80 mg, dexamethasone – 6-8 mg for 2-3 months, sometimes more. After achieving the therapeutic effect, the dose of hormones is reduced very slowly (by tablet every 7-10 days). Only with stable remission hormones can be completely abolished.

Against the background of treatment with glucocorticoids, inflammatory dermal seizures on the skin and muscles disappear, the swallowing, speech normalizes, the cardiovascular system returns to normal. But the improvement is very slow: first, the smooth muscle function improves, then the cross-striped muscle function improves. In complex treatment, such vitamins are recommended: vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, vitamin C. When the severity of the process is removed, careful medical gymnastics and limb massage are also recommended.

What prognosis of dermatomyositis and polymyositis? The prognosis is satisfactory, especially in young people. With early treatment with adequate doses of hormones, a persistent recovery comes. With chronic course, there is a wavy appearance of the clinical manifestations of the disease. How to relieve symptoms of polymyositis and dermatomyositis at home? The most effective home remedy is the strict observance of the doctor’s instructions. In any case, when you feel signs of illness, start treatment at home with bed rest. Eliminate all physical activity; you need calmness. Make sure that there are no drafts in the room, close the windows, and wrap.