Polycystic ovary syndrome is still the most mysterious and complex disease among those who have to face a gynecologist. PCOS is one of the reasons of disorders of the menstrual cycle and woman infertility, forcing young girl and women to consult a doctor. The first clinical picture of this pathology was declared by Stein and Leventhal in the last century. Thus PCOS is also called Stein-Leventhal syndrome.

Therapy of PCOS requires an individual and integrated approach, so those methods and schemes that are suitable for other person or were found on the Internet can only harm. With timely medical treatment, polycystic ovary syndrome is treated successfully.

What happens with hormones if there is PCOS?┬áThere is still no unified opinion among doctors. However, it is known that this illness is connected with the organism’s insusceptibility to insulin. Recent studies indicate that the body of a female patient is not able to treat insulin properly. Too high level of insulin in the blood is the reason for the excessive amounts of male sex hormones in the body to appear.