The victims of pancreatitis experience regular attacks of nausea. They feel lightheaded, being stuck in the tight space with their head spinning round-and-round. It makes these people feel extra sick. Doctors recommend drinking more water and moving at least a bit of sitting all day long won’t help.

Temperature increase (38 Centigrade and up) and swelling. While swelling and inflammation it is often that the temperature of damaged area increases and sensitive. Those symptoms do not come together necessarily. They can be separated in different cases. The burning feeling often occurs in the most swollen area. Movements of the damaged area are restricted, and the area is painful itself. Thus, we can say that a typical fever might also be a symptom of pancreatitis.

It is logical that a patient with diagnosed pancreatitis feels like there is a tumor in his abdomen. It causes a bloating sensation. In some cases, it is the result of overeating or absence of activity. However, a pancreatic invasion is often supported by this symptom too. The puffy stomach becomes too sensitive to touch and even a little amount of food.