As a rule, professionals have no idea why narcissistic personality disorder takes place. Its sources are difficult to identify. When specific bio and genetic factors unite, they may influence the person’s behavior and mood adversely. Besides, it also depends on the way the child was growing and treated by parents. Usually, such people lack attention and appreciation, and everyone wants to be loved. Bullying at school may also turn a person into the selfish and boastful individual who just tries to survive this way.

Later, he or she cannot stop. Social factors, perhaps, are the most important. Family, school, and work environment may lead to NPD when they are not prosperous. People just start using their learned coping skills to resist the social pressure. Often, those who had problems with their appearance as the kids suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. Finally, if the child’s parents have a similar diagnosis, it may be passed genetically.

In order to diagnose narcissistic personality, one should not underestimate the danger of mental disorders as compared to the physical illnesses. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) can be detected only by the corresponding specialist. Hire psychologist or psychiatrist if you expect that someone you love has this problem. Usually, such people won’t recognize it on their own.