Legionnaires disease is not that easy to define, but most of the doctors characterize it as a collective word for the health conditions provoked by legionella bacteria. They assign the severest forms of Legionnaires’ disease as well as several types of fever to this category. It is a life-threatening disease with most of the fatal cases. It can be called the last stage of pneumonia – a severe problem with lungs. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees, and all people are susceptible to infection.

There are several known causes of the serious disease. One should not swim in the natural water resource like a river or lake without making sure this place is suitable for swimming. Otherwise, it may contain Legionella. The bacteria responsible for this disease inhabit warm freshwater. Thus, a person may also be infected at the swimming pool, sauna, hot tubs, and SPA salons. Cooling systems are also the potential causes of the problem. Public showers and fountains contain equal risks as well. It is better to avoid drinking water from them.

It is time to discuss the symptoms of this severe, life-threatening disease. A person will notice an extremely high body temperature that causes unintentional body shaking (fever), a strong cough, chills, headaches, weakness of muscles and joints, etc. The temperature of the body may reach more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit! It makes no surprise some people are lost and confused when having such a high fever. At first, a person may feel just a slight headache and weakness in muscles, but it gets worse in one or two days.