Mottled or pale skin. Hypertension can often cause a person to become pale or to develop a mottled complexion. However, this is not always a symptom of hypertension, as many different ailments and skin conditions could also cause this. Also, this is not a distinctive symptom of the condition. That is to say, you may have hypertension and have perfectly normal skin. It’s always best to play it safe and check your blood pressure regularly. After all, this is a painless procedure and something that you can easily do yourself.

Drinking too much coffee. Again, drinking too much coffee is hardly a symptom of hypertension. However, it has been marked as a possible cause of the same. It is documented that caffeine definitely causes hypertension on the short-term, and has a temporary effect. It certainly induces the adrenaline glands to step-up the body’s production of adrenaline, which is how it causes a temporary increase in blood pressure. However, this is still rather vague, and the link between caffeine and blood pressure has not been explored in depth. Some studies do show, however, that caffeine may have a tendency to block hormones that prevent hypertension, by preventing constriction of the arteries.