Intense chest pains. This is perhaps the most distinctive symptom of hypertension. However, I must emphasise that an ache in the chest is not always caused by hypertension. For example, simple indigestion can also cause a severe ache in the chest. Nevertheless, this is a dangerous symptom, so if it occurs quite frequently, you should visit a doctor. Please note that experiencing a pain in the chest can indicate hypertension, and not necessarily a heart attack. As a general rule, your doctor will feel your pulse and check up on your blood pressure when you complain of chest pains.

Severe exhaustion. Just as breathlessness is a symptom of hypertension, so also is exhaustion another symptom related to the same condition. Now, feeling tired a rather common experience for many people who live a very active life, so if one is feeling extremely tired at the end of a hard day, one should not automatically assume that one is suffering from hypertension. Do bear in mind that a large number of medical conditions can also cause feelings of intense exhaustion. However, intense exhaustion is certainly a symptom of hypertension, and if you regularly feel this way, you certainly must have yourself checked out. Your doctor will let you know if your blood pressure is within acceptable norms.