To begin with, it is necessary to define Human Papillomavirus infection in a medical context. It is exclusively a sexually transmitted infection, meaning the only way to gain is through having an intimate contact with the carrier. In most cases, women are believed to be the sufferers. It is no way to detect the health condition without conducting a specialized examination called an HPV test. It is free in most regions of the world. Many people live their life without having any idea they have HPV.

Once the corresponding virus penetrates the human organism, HPV takes place. In most situations, it happens because of the scar, wound, or another bleeding trauma. Even a tiny tear of the infected person can be the cause if it enters the organism of another individual. A skin-to-skin contact is the most popular way to obtain this infection. It is possible to get infected with a single kiss as well.

The symptoms of HPV are known among the population, but they are not obvious. Often, they do not show up at all. That is why the patient may leave the whole life thinking he is healthy or at least free of a scary diagnosis. The virus remains in the attacked organism forever. That is really bad as the patient may transfer the illness to other people being unaware of his or her condition. In case the virus does not leave for a while, it may lead to the serious troubles. Those troubles are genital warts as well as throat warts. The severe forms of this virus result in cervical cancer and other types of cancer.