However, even the highest qualification can be powerless before neglected cases when it comes to the development of oncological diseases of the stomach and duodenum. Consequently, with the slightest symptoms of gastrointestinal pathology, it is necessary to undergo examination in an authoritative clinic, where, if need be, you will be able to get current treatment of Helicobacter pylori.

What must be done to preclude this disease? Treating one of your family members means that you too need to be examined urgently. It is proved that if at least one member of the family is sick, the possibility of infection of other people is 95%. Helicobacteriosis is a social disease; it requires strict observance of the rules of personal hygiene.

In addition, measures are needed to improve the diet and to better immunity. In 2-6 weeks after the end of the course of taking medications, control tests are assigned to prevent the return of the disease.