Speedy weight loss is the first sign a person may have gastritis. Usually, such person eats the same amount of food and the same quality, but the outcome is the same: continuous loss of weight or remaining too thin for his age and length. It’s not about wasting too much time on exercises as well. It is necessary to start the treatment of this disorder ASAP not to let it progress.

One more symptom is a harsh abdominal pain as the result of wrong metabolism and reaction to a heavy food such as French fries or fried chicken. Abdominal pain is the top discomfort. It can be mild, medium, or advanced. Usually, the upper area of the abdomen is the one to be damaged first and for most. It is known as the pit. This ache has a dull nature, but it can be rather harsh and even shooting.

People with gastritis often have diarrhea as their abdomen and stomach become rather sensitive to what they eat and drink. Even the small portion of chili or fried food can result in continuous ‘communication’ with the WC. The organism stops digesting food the way it should. The bowel movements then become unexpectable. The most serious cases lead to the extreme loose stools as a consequence of being ‘blocked up’.