A medical explanation of Gangrene will sound this way: a condition when part of the tissues dies. The main reason is the stopped blood supply. It means that the circulatory system does not cope with its functions and responsibilities. The primary areas to be attacked are the limbs. The farer the organ is from the heart, the higher the chances are Gangrene will affect it.

In most cases, the patients report about the problems with their hands and fingers. The rest of the body is under a certain risk as well. Sometimes, the internal organs are damaged. At the beginning, this health condition is not that serious. However, if it progresses and you do not cure it, Gangrene may result in cramps and body shock. Often, the cause of such shock is the decrease in blood pressure.

The causes of Gangrene are known. The first factor is the prevented blood supply. When a bloodstream faces some obstacles on its way to organs, the tissues of various parts stop obtaining enough blood. It spreads the oxygen over the body, delivers necessary nutrients and immune system elements to defend the organism from various dangers. The antibodies help to withstand different infections, and they depend on the bloodstream as well. It is impossible to survive without enough level of blood. That is why tissues start to die off.