Bloodshot or inflamed throat are two other symptoms of the flu. When the throat is swelling for a while, it might be another sign of influenza. At the initial phases, the area of mouth is annoyed all the time. It feels like you want to scratch it. It becomes harder to consume meals or beverages as the uncomfortable feeling follows the patient everywhere.

A fever is a regular condition the patients with the flu experience. Usually, it is a good sign that your organism tries to resist infection or virus. The temperature then typically achieves (38˚C) or higher instead of the normal one. In fact, it is worth not to have a temperature or have a low one: it means your body is not fighting. People with the flu also feel cold and cough.

Any gastrointestinal issues or problems with stool or pee? At the initial stages, the signs expand below the brain, throat/mouth, and chest or back. Different types of viruses that cause flu lead to such problems with stool as diarrhea or constipation. The patients also report of nausea, vomiting, and pain in abdominal. Make sure to keep off the dehydration, meaning running out of the water. Keep away from the alcohol, sweet water, and coffee.