An excessive chromosome number 18 (the third one) leads to the severe syndrome known as Edwards. This additional element may arrive either from the woman’s egg or man’s sperm. These are both germ cells; they usually have a single copy of every chromosome. A defect takes place when a mistake in cell separation leads to one of the germ cells to produce 2 copies.

There are several typical signs of the Edwards syndrome the parents must keep in mind. When the baby is born with the extra chromosome, it has a rather low weight which is not healthy even for the infant. The mouth seems too tiny. The head is too tiny and strangely shaped. The extremities look overlapping and clenched. Moreover, the problems with the heart and other parts of the body are also present. Such babies have no appetite, issues with breathing, slow growth, and mental impairment.

As this syndrome often end up in death, parents around the world worry about the effectiveness of treatment. The issues are too serious to have 100% chance of being cured. There are times when parents have a chance to help only within the first week from birth. Babies who survive will still experience the physiological and mental problem for the rest of their lives. They will also develop too slowly. It is possible just to keep such young patients alive. Parents will need some help from physical or occupational therapists as well as cardiologists and nephrologists.