Do you have an itchy skin? When this symptom shows up at night preventing you from having a healthy sleep, it may be the sign of eczema. This disease is also called atopic dermatitis. The body becomes red and itchy. The patient’s organism simply stops producing enough cortisol. This steroid hormone is applied when treating eczema. It maintains blood pressure and fights stressful situation.

Eczema is sometimes best characterized by the rash. As an abnormal fluctuation in the color of skin takes place, this symptom shows up. Doctors also define this phenomenon as the periodic skin eruption. Inflammation is usually accompanied by the skin rash. When trying to decide whether the patient has eczema or another form of the disease, the health care provider should mind the damaged parts of the body as well as the color/shape of the rash.

Are there any rude spots on your body? Leathery patches are one more symptom a person might have eczema. The blots may vary in their shape and color. Such symptom forces the patient scratch is body intensively, making the situation even worse. The repetitive feeling of itching which might last for a while looks more like eczema. The outer layer of the skin thickens because of the annoyance.