People who suffer from various ear infections often feel lightheaded. These people tend to have a desire to vomit even without any reasons. When the auditory system suffers, people may perceive different sounds inadequately, which even may force them to vomit. Ear infections negatively impact balance systems. It all resulted in the lack of balance of movements, nausea, and feeling you want to vomit. If the main cause of the infection is a specific virus which attacks the entire body, dizziness is a typical symptom.

Patients may lose an appetite or have no desire to eat food at all. Not only the feeling of being fed up may cause such effect – consider nausea, ear suffering, and other factors. It does not matter whether the patient is offered its favorite food or something he does not like. A head cold may be another cause of several ear infections. It hurts the upper aerodigestive tract. Then, the ability to smell and taste food is gone. A painful chewing is another reason many patients deny eating.

A continuous fever is a popular symptom of different ear infections. The immune system figures as the defender of the entire organism. Once the virus attacks, it tries to fight it, causing various uncomfortable feelings. In the case of the child’s infection, parents may confuse an ear infection with the ordinary fever. Usually, it attacks kids younger than 6 months. Fussiness and desire to cry support the temperature which achieves more than 102° F.