Dry eye syndrome is a common problem with the organ of vision. Also known as DED, it is one of those conditions that may start softly and result in serious issues. When you feel dryness in your eyes, it is better not to postpone with a visit to doctor. Usually, it is a chronic and progressive condition. Proper treatment may lead to sharper vision and less discomfort. At the examination, you’ll have to complete a questionnaire for the ophthalmologists. This exam should be taken again after several weeks.

Different debris and microorganisms can lead to the cornea, which may result in a severe eye infection. The main function of tears is keeping this organ moist. They prevent eyes from infections and even going blind. People should have a bit wet eyes all the time. When dry, the eyes feel irritated and uncomfortable. If the adequate layer of tears is missing, an individual risks facing serious problems with their eyes. They should wash away dust.

If the tears are missing, it can damage the cornea. The primary elements of tears are watery, oily or liquid, and mucous-like or mucin. Each of these components are equally important for the healthy eyes. Every ingredient has its own goals. For instance, a mucous-like element assists with anchoring the tears across the eye’s surface. What about an oily component? Its purpose is to prevent tear film from evaporating. It also increases lubrication.