Constipation is the inability to have stool easily when wanted. It makes many people disturbed and annoyed at the same time. This irregular movement of the human bowel prevents many people from living a healthy life, but those who have diverticulitis suffer more than those who experience the issue rarely. In case you notice more than 3 such movements in one week, it is an alarming sign the stool won’t improve until properly cured.

When people are releasing gases unintentionally being unable to manage them, it might be another symptom of diverticulitis. Of course, it is important not to confuse it with the regular reaction to specific beverages like beer or soda or certain foods. If the bloating comes along with gas problems, it may be the reason to contact a doctor. Plus, the patients with diverticulitis suffer from supporting pain and cramps.

Sure thing, the problems with bowel and stomach often lead to the issues like diarrhea. From one side, the person with diverticulitis may go mad while having constipations; on the other side, the same person may start experiencing the opposite reaction all of a sudden. A loose, watery stool which makes an individual feel like attending water closet is what diarrhea stands for. If you got poisoned, it’s one case. If diarrhea occurs regularly, it is better to check the bowel movements in the hospital.