Breathlessness and shortness of normal breathing are two other symptoms. Once you face a problem like that while carrying out daily activities or regular physical exercises, it is important to contact the health care professional. One or two weeks are more than enough for this heart disease to develop. It all may start after the serious viral disorder.

People start running out of oxygen at night, so it will prevent them from having a healthy rest. As a result, exhaustion can be named among other symptoms as well as heart palpitations. Swelling in one’s extremities is one more sign of myocarditis. Patients also report of the medium and advanced painful sensation in the area of their chests. The increased or lowered pulse results into immediate loss of consciousness.

Outlook and forecasts. If you deal with viral myocarditis, you may be lucky to have the problem solved without extra help or efforts. However, if any complications are in place, the outcome may be fatal. The major symptoms last for several days or one-two weeks. Inflammation is something all patients report when having problems with heart.