At maximum, the signs causing discomfort will be there for half a month. Some lucky patients get rid of them in about a week. In separate cases, the patients report highly severe signs. For instance, they complain of the formation of hemorrhagic areas in the skin as well as the gastrointestinal tract. The doctors define it as a separate type of the fever. It is called a dengue hemorrhagic fever. Most of the time, kids and young adolescents suffer from this form of dengue fever.

There is another type of the dengue fever with its unique features. The scientists have named it a dengue shock syndrome (DSS). Before experiencing this one, the patient has to go through the dengue hemorrhagic fever. They are closely connected, and usually one precedes another. People who suffer from DSS complain of the harsh abdominal pain, massive bleeding, decreases in blood pressure. The progressive DSS may even lead to death.

As far as the dengue fever may evolve and cause death, in the end, it is necessary to learn how to cure it. Unfortunately, no medicament exists to avoid or get rid of it. One of the smartest ways to keep away from this problem is to avoid places in the wildery that are overwhelmed with mosquitos. It is better to use special sprays against these insects. It is especially dangerous to contact mosquitos living in some tropical areas. Another recommendation includes a constant change of water in outdoor bird baths and pets’ water dishes. It would be a helpful advice for those who have pets.