Are your eyes feeling itchy? If no sand or other foreign bodies are discovered, it may a sign of conjunctivitis. Not every patient feels this discomfort in the same way. It all depends on the peculiarities of the organism. Scratching the damaged area does not help – the pruritus remains. Most of the patients understand it, but they just can’t persist the itchy feeling.

Your eyes might be emitting tears once you’re very sad, express some other emotions, or a foreign body gets inside. In other cases, tearing might be the symptom of conjunctivitis. The eyes may be overflowing with water. Usually, this sign can be noticed during such activities as playing video games, watching television, working with your computer, reading, etc. the patient can solve this problem by applying tissues carefully.

If you see red bumps around the eye, know that it’s another common symptom of conjunctivitis. Check whether your eyelids tumefy. When combined, these symptoms usually point to the pink eye. The swelling is most often observed in the conjunctiva. Patients who wear contacts notice the bumps under their eyelids. Doctors recommend switching to glasses until the illness passes.