Causes of Eye Twitching

People may have their eyes jerking if they experience some stress. Great amounts of stress lead to the regular eye twitching. The doctors explain that such reaction is the best way our organism tries to call to our sober mind telling to have a rest. An overloaded learning or working schedule may be the reason. Stressful situations set hormones causing muscle arousal free. The muscles of our eyelids are not the exception.

A high eye tension is another sign of the eye twitching. If the person spends too much time in front of his computer or television, the eye strain may grow due to the overloaded eyesight. It is defined as a vision-based stress. People who have bad eyesight and are forced to wear glasses or contacts feel this problem sharper. It is recommended to pass several eye exams to prevent the disorder’s progress.

The eyes are related to our nervous system. In its turn, the nervous system decides when the organism gets too tired and needs a rest. One of the causes of the twitching eyes is the feeling of fatigue. It happens when the person does not get a proper time for sleep or parties late at night non-stop. The fatigue may impact the muscles of the eyelid. It usually causes spasms.