How to diagnose this specific disorder? A special examination called a biopsy of the damaged tissues is carried out to find out whether the patient deals with pemphigoid. Doctors are able to determine and evaluate the level of inflammation of the afflicted areas of body thanks to these tests. If you wish to define the antibodies in the basement membrane, an extra investigation is required. It is also recommended to check the blood to identify various antibodies that prevent the immune system from healthy functioning.

Many patients are worried about the progressive disease. They wonder how can one cure pemphigoid and if this problem can be eliminated completely. When the symptoms are properly identified at the early stage, the treatment is easy and almost always successful. In the majority of cases, the physicians recommend choosing corticosteroids as an effective therapy. They are released both in pills and in topical shape. This way, a patient can decrease the inflammation and itchy, burning feeling. It’s also a good option to cure the damaged areas of skin (remove blisters). It’s important to be careful when taking the drugs of this type: they all have some side effects, so it is necessary to mind the peculiarities of the organism.

Even though it is recommended to consult a professional, the disease can be cured at the early stages without side help. A proper and on time self-care for bullous pemphigoid is an effective and cheap method to get rid of the acne-like skin. Blebs are damaging the overall appearance, so it’s important to get armed to the teeth with some medicaments like special corticosteroid topical creams. However, they may turn the skin delicate and highly sensitive. It’s critical to study all side effects before using. Make sure to cover the bursting bubbles with sterile dressing not to let the infection spread to other parts of your body. If the problem occurs on the area around your mouth, watch out while eating!