A sudden sensitivity to light. If your eyes have suddenly become extremely sensitive to light, this could be a sign of a brain aneurysm. Be cautious in self-diagnosing, though, as other factors can cause this symptom as well. Among these other medical conditions are migraines, or even old age. A sudden light-sensitivity must be taken especially seriously if it is accompanied by a sudden and extremely intense headache. All these symptoms are caused by pressure exerted by an aneurysm on various nerves that lead from the brain.

Problems with the vision or seeing double. Of course, a loss of vision could indicate simply that… a loss of vision due to an environment and genetic factors. But you must not take a loss of vision too lightly, as it can sometimes be an indicator of a more serious condition. If it comes on suddenly, and especially if it is concentrated in one eye, you should consult a physician at the earliest. An aneurysm exerting pressure upon the optic nerve can lead to sudden, severe problems with the eyesight, or even result in a person seeing double.

Unconsciousness or a seizure. The increasing pressure of an aneurysm on the surrounding brain and the nerves thereof can cause a seizure, which is severely disorganized brain activity (generally electrical in nature). A seizure is unmistakable and can cause convulsive and exceedingly odd actions on the part of the individual, as brain cells are randomly excited or inhibited as a result of the seizure. While an aneurysm does cause the seizures, it can also equally well cause complete unconsciousness.