People with neurological issues are well-aware of the sudden panic attacks. They may experience them everywhere: in the crowd, at work, in college, at home, etc. It does not matter how many people are there around. This symptom reminds of the cardiac arrest and may look horrible. Often, other people can’t calm this person. Difficult breath and pain in the chest follow this sign of Anxiety Disorder. Numerous examinations prove these attacks have an adverse impact on the whole nervous system.

Inability to make weighted, reasonable decisions. It’s not that these patients always fail to take actions. Still, they frequently get stuck when making a decision. It can be the choice of the meal in a restaurant or something more important like the choice of future degree/job/partner. They hesitate about everything, so it’s difficult for them to choose only one side. Such people become nervous and irritating when being asked a lot of questions.

Many people know that extra stress is often followed by the vomiting. Along with nausea, it’s another warning sign of Anxiety Disorder. It is a typical response of an organism to factors that cause worries. It’s a problem for patients with Anxiety Disorder to eat well as each time they suddenly get nervous, they feel like vomiting. Their organism usually does not accept a proper amount of food, which may lead to further consequences like Anorexia Nervosa. The body diverts oxygenated blood to the main group of muscles – although it is a defensive measure, the patients want to vomit.