Strain. Almost all MS sufferers experience pain from this disease very often. Pain occurs due to damaging of nerve fibers influenced by multiple sclerosis. In case that the reason is nothing else but MS indeed, a patient will experience some burning sensations of limbs and even of visage. Probably a patient will even complain about an imaginary knife piercing inside some body parts. That “knife” feeling originates from the damaged nerves exactly in this body part. Thus, this is not single strain origin. It may also feel like a pain in muscles caused by the same reasons. The gait becomes misbalanced because of misalignment of spine and legs.

Problems with the bladder. People who suffer from multiple sclerosis can experience dysfunctions in two almost completely different forms. Sometimes the illness manifests itself in troubles with emptying the bladder. Infections, discomfort and distension emerge because urine remains in the bladder for too long. In other cases, the problem is just the opposite – one’s bladder might be responding even to minimal amounts of liquid. This is because human brain mixes the sensations and produce wrong signals whether the bladder is full or not.

Irregularity. Virtually usual inside issue connected to multiple sclerosis is problems with the intestines. This happens because the nervous system and muscles do not behave properly. This system normally should move the eaten products through the digestive system. Moreover, if the patient has urinary problems, the bowel dysfunction becomes more complicated and the problem becomes exacerbates.