Sleep disorders. If one has thyroid problems, it may effect on plenty of body systems and organs. Sleep is not an exception. Both increase and decrease in the level of thyroid hormones effects on the quality of your rest. As the excess of thyroid hormones causes heartquake and disturbance, it is often hard to calm down and fall asleep. Lack of thyroid hormones can also be a problem while falling asleep.

Tumefaction in the neck. The most visible symptom of thyroid problems is tumefaction in the neck. The reason of this tumefaction is goiter, which means that thyroid is inflamed. Goiter is possible equally in both cases – due to hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. However, tumefaction in the neck may be caused by other reasons additionally. Thereby, any kind of neck shape changing or deformations must undergo medical investigation in the early stages.

High cholesterol level. Increase of cholesterol level is another symptom of thyroid disease. Despite the fact that proper nutrition is responsible for the correct cholesterol level, this level also depends on thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone plays an important role in breaking down low-density lipoproteins, bad ones. Which means that if the thyroid does not work stable, bad cholesterols cannot be destroyed and it leads to heart disease.