If you mostly feel tired and exhausted, no matter how long was your rest, beware of hypothyroidism. For instance, some common activities may become difficult to do, such as physical exercises or getting up early in the morning. Hyper-tiredness can be accompanied by dizzy mind when a person does not think clearly anymore.

Problems with hair and skin. If the problem of thyroid occurs, there will be a high risk of skin and hair quality reduction. Whole body hair in most cases becomes thinner and falls out more. Armpits and eyebrows tend to fall out also. It is possible that skin becomes extra dry and spotted or otherwise extremely oily and acne-prone. In few cases only, there are no skin problems at all.

Disturbance. Disturbance can occur under different stressful situations or mental disorders. Thyroid problem can also cause a high disturbance. When our body contains too much thyroid hormone in terms of medical language it’s called hyperthyroidism. It can give a person some extra energy but not in a positive sense. It’s more like feeling worried and strained, but not like full of energy due to caffeine.