The lack of long-term or short-term memory is always a big obstacle on the way to wealthy life. The top alarming sign of the Alzheimer’s disorder is when a patient cannot recall elementary things like where his home is. Most of the time, the most recently obtained information is simply gone. Such patients keep on asking the same questions many times, but still do not manage to memorize the answers. Only family and health care professionals can help.

Another huge challenge is organizing things and managing time. People with Alzheimer’s cannot find immediate solutions to existing issues. It becomes hard for the Alzheimer’s patients to develop and learn new things due to their inability to plan things ahead. It is even hard for such people to follow the same chronological order of some actions or keep track of taxes they should pay. It is all supported by the lack of concentration.

Patients with Alzheimer’s accomplish everyday tasks in an incorrect manner. They fail many urgent assignments both at school and in the workplace. They may lose their driving license after causing road accidents or high traffic. People with Alzheimer’s cannot manage their family budget; they may even lose money. Family members have to fulfill their knowledge of how to use TV or kitchen regularly.