Restricted diapason of movements.  When an inflammatory process, stress reaction and pain arise in a body, the organism is trying to provide protection of the injured joint or limb by adding supplementary water and by providing blood circulation to the area more intensively. An injury through friction causes tumefaction of a damaged area. Limitation of movements may be disappointing, but in the same time, it services as a curative reaction to the trauma.

Different levels of pain. Feelings of pain may have varied levels, and they can change that helps to divide various types of tendon damages. On the initial level pain feelings apparently, may be changed in depends on injury severity and many other implicated reasons. Movements of the limb give a possibility to identify the scale of pain. For example, when a patient with a tendinitis injured shoulder raises his arm the pain is greatly enlarged.

The high temperature in a joint. One of another suspicion of injured tendon is a high temperature in the joint. It is not the first sign of tendonitis, and also there are a lot of other signs, but you should take note it.  Sore process and blood circulation can be increased by the trauma of joint with the goal to provide protection and cure for an injured joint. Such increased activity in the articulation is one of tendonitis signs or rupture of a tendon. The person who has these signs must get appropriate health recovery and prolonged rest.