One more sign of hypothermia is getting lost even in the simplest life situations. The drops in the body temperature cause various confusion; the person stops understanding what is going on and how he or she got there. It is impossible for this group of people to demonstrate critical thinking or reasoning. The symptom also impacts memory: it looks like the individual has lost part of its consciousness.

Changing in skin color and shape. The muscles are also under the threat of such deviations. Many patients diagnosed with hypothermia notice that skin around their joints in the affected area becomes red, blue, or even purple. Due to the pain around this red area, one can think that it could be some kind of bruised. As the changings do not last long, it can lead to a total misdiagnosis. The extremities simply go numb. The limbs are also shaking nervously all the time.

As it was mentioned, the person loses its consciousness as the disorder develops. The core of the problem is also a decreased body temperature. According to statistics, it is impossible to withstand a temperature lower than eighty degrees. The person then stops recognizing the world around and may get lost in time and space.