As a rule, hemophilia is very hard to detect, so many people continue suffering without knowing the core problem. The blood vessels were broken, but this symptom is far from initial. At the later stages, the wound appears. However, it is difficult to forecast such outcomes. Most often, the genes may cause this serious illness. Any type of diseases which involves prolonged bleeding in the history of parents may be transferred to the baby.

Shiners and injuries appear to be large and progressive on the skin of the patient with hemophilia. In some cases, the deep bruises show up on the body without any serious reasons. It happens because of the ruptures in the tiny blood vessels. If a clotting factor is absent, these vessels go on bleeding inside the body. The injuries then become too huge.

Internal long-lasting bleeding is a rather serious symptom of hemophilia which may lead to fatal outcomes. Many people scare off by this sign. Even the smallest scar or injury may provoke internal bleeding when the person has hemophilia. Other risk factors include the falls in the joints (a.k.a. a joint bleed). Most of the time, the internal bleeding can be noticed in extremities, and move up to the hips and shoulders.