Ebola virus is the condition supported by the ongoing, severe fever. It is the first warning symptom people should not ignore. The body temperature rapidly goes up, leaving the healthy level far behind. If you experience temperature which is much higher than recommended 36.5 to 37.5 degree Celsius, it is time to contact your doctor.

A never-stopping headache or another feeling of discomfort in this organ. A serious problem might be the symptom of Ebola virus, so do not postpone your visit to the doctor. This discomfort can be best characterized as the suffering around the upper area and sides of the head. Some other diseases have this sign among the symptoms as well.

Your muscles may hurt. Not only muscles may become the victim of Ebola virus – mind that your bones and the entire skeleton may also feel pain. All building blocks stop functioning properly. Doctors name this symptom among the first signs of the Ebola. The extremities get especially painful.