Qualmishness. The mumps virus can also cause nausea and vomiting reflexes. The patient constantly feels weakness, impotence, lethargy, appetite declines. During this period, the organism is weakened due to the fact that all resources are aimed at fighting the virus.

Myalgia. Against the background of other symptoms of mumps, the patient may also have muscle pain. Especially painful sensations can be amplified at night, because of what the patient can suffer from insomnia and sleep badly. It is recommended not to delay with a visit to the doctor and to help the body cope with the virus in time. Loss of appetite. The swelling of both sides of the face in the salivary glands area does not allow the patient to chew and swallow food normally. Constant discomfort and pain deprive the interest in food, which leads to limited obtaining of necessary nutrients in the organism.

Tiredness and exhausted. If you or your child feel a prolonged period of energy shortage, loss of interest in fitness activities, constant drowsiness, weakness in muscles, then it is worthwhile to seek medical advice from a medical professional. Such symptoms must not be ignored, as they may indicate the ingestion of the mumps virus into the body. Slackness and apathy. The status of the patient infected with the mumps virus can be lethargic and very passive. It is due to the uneven distribution of blood flow in the organism. The patient can feel intoxication, which can even lead to loss of consciousness. Often, along with lethargy, the body lends itself to pyrexia and increase in temperature.