Shingles Symptoms and Signs

The rash is the most obvious and main symptom of shingles. Besides that, it is also the first one to bother you in case you’re infected. When this type of virus strikes you, the first thing you notice and suffer is painful rash followed by lots of tiny blisters. Those blisters will appear only on one side of your body which is infected by shingles.

Tingling feelings in the skin. The rash is also often associated with tingling on your skin. Besides that, you also will feel those painful and bothering burning and itching on and around the area with shingles blisters. Sometimes, it may appear even earlier than rash and blisters. In this case, it will just develop into a more painful symptom.

Sickness. Nausea and obvious sickness are also those two symptoms that will appear earlier than others. No matter how fast your rash is developing, you may feel the sickness in the earliest stages of shingles. The sore stomach will be followed by nausea. This symptom people often mistake as a simple food poisoning. But when your sore stomach is followed by diarrhea and vomiting, you should consider shingles as the main reason.