Heart Attack Symptoms and Signs

Not all, but many people under the risk of heart attack share they experience nausea. Abdominal pain and issues with stomach are also in place. You may think that the problems affect only the cardiovascular system. However, except for the immune and nervous system, a heart attack may be predetermined by the serious issues with the stomach. It may all result in indigestion being a sign of the possible heart attack. Storage of fat and plaque are guilty for the symptom to show up. Low blood supply is the core problem.

Being lightheaded and dizzy are symptoms of the heart attack as well. Until the heart attack pops up, people with the potential possess dizzy spells. These patients do not consume enough food to support the energy circulation. The pregnancy fatigue is something that should not be taken as the heart attack symptom. People under the threat of heart attack feel there is something going wrong inside. The loss of focus is another sign.

Such areas as cheeks, jaws, and throat feel painful. In other words, one more symptom of the heart attack is the discomfort experienced inside of the mouth. Often, people confuse this tricky symptom with a regular dental problem and turn to the wrong doctor. It can be either a blunt pain or a severe suffering. When not supported by the chest discomfort, it may be the first sign to show up.