Specific playing habits. As far as many children suffer from autism, it is important to consider different childish factors. The way ordinary people view primitive drawings in children’s magazines is different from the way kids with autism see these images. They may see a masterpiece instead of the simple Pacman-style smile. Autistic kids love arranging various things in original order or dividing them according to some special features. It makes them calm.

Irresponsiveness. Don’t wonder if the child suffering from autism does not react to your actions or questions – they ignore you unintentionally. Newborn babies may be unresponsive to the environment and people around them due to the early form of autism. No sound is able to distract their attention. Usually, babies tend to explore the world by communicating and playing with other people when they first learn how to walk, but kids with autism like being alone.

Higher sensitivity to everything especially sounds. The problems with all types of sounds including music are typical for the children with autism syndrome. They can perceive speech and some other calm sounds like relaxing music, but sudden loud sounds may toss them away. Kids with autism fear noise. As the time goes by, some patients learn to block all forms of sound. It allows focusing on the important things like healthy sleep.