Poor physical activity performance. People with atrial fibrillation find it hard to do physical exercises. They may get tired doing the first five minutes of intensive training. It can be defined as an exercise intolerance, and it prevents the patients from achieving the healthy physical shape. A daily activity like going shopping may be a real challenge for the people with this disorder.

It may be too hot in summer, but there is no reason to go too sweaty every hour or several minutes. Some people sweat more than an average person should even without intensive training or exercises. They may start sweating when it’s not that hot outside. Most of the time, this symptom is associated with the atrial fibrillation and problems with heart functionality.

When having an atrial fibrillation, a person may go through light to heavy headedness. If our brain obtains the insufficient amount of oxygen, it results in the discomfort felt in the head. It seems like the world starts turning around, and people may lose coordination in space. They can faint without proper assistance. The reason is the rise in a heartbeat. Oxygen then is not equally spread to all organs.

Enteric discomfort. At the initial stages, patients who suffer from the atrial fibrillation may face a medium ache in the stomach. However, this feeling may become a real laceration with time. Various digestive problems can be associated with various diseases, but this one refers to AFib when accompanied by the other typical symptoms listed above.