Other organs may get irritated as the result of AS too. One of such organs is an eye. You should take care of your eyes, and pay attention when they get red, watery, or rather sensitive. People with AS may also have blurred vision. It is important to contact the corresponding specialist as soon as possible. 40% of patients have reported eye inflammation over a certain period of time.

Painful feelings over the body constitute another symptom. Don’t relax thinking that only areas where the spine connects to the pelvis will suffer. These pains may be transmitted to the rest of the body. Patients name their shoulders, legs (especially knees and heels) as the most painful places. If there is a trauma, it would be very painful to move for a while. Swelling and feeling hot are two other factors that may show up.

Torpid legs and hands, difficulties with speech, and absence of balance are other critical factors to take into account. Often, physicians relate these signs to the so-called cauda equina syndrome. All types of neurological deficits may tell that individual experiences AS symptoms. In many cases, this condition requires surgical treatment. Cauda equina syndrome occurs when the spinal nerve roots are compressed.