Why does stomach bloating appear? The top reason is the extra air you breathe. Even while we are having a meal or drinking water, our body keeps on swallowing certain amounts of air. If we do it pretty fast, we risk breathing excess air. Chewing bubble gum or drinking water with gas may lead to stomach bloating as well. Try to drink more water without gases and eat slower.

Another cause of the stomach bloating is the division of undigested meals by intestinal bacteria. While eating, our organism should absorb carbohydrates. The human body is not always ready to handle all of these elements. The most complex carbohydrates to digest are sugar and fiber. It is the sign that a patient lack certain amount of enzymes to get the best of the food he eats. Then, in the large intestine, these nasty bacteria degrade food. As a result, hydrogen and other gases form. Finally, they move through to escape via the rectum.