The last thing to consider is the diagnosis. It is obvious that something is wrong when your skin turns itchy or reddish. However, there are several skin problems that may look like this one. Most of the health care professionals have no troubles with detecting and observing the given health issue. Once the signs become visual in 6 or more weeks. It becomes very simple to define the disease. The easiest way is to conduct a physical test which aims to investigate every infected zone of the body’s surface.

The special exams involve immediate treatment. The health care professional detects at least one Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis and tries to remove it with the special medical knife or needle. It is the first parasite to go. In case there is no way to discover the parasite with the naked eye, the health care professional might need a sample of your tissue, obtained with the scrape. After observing with a microscope, a final diagnosis and further recommendations are made.