The first thing to take into account is the symptoms. The male population who experiences gynecomastia report of the solid, steadfast mass present under the region of nipples. It can be either one or both nipples. This area becomes too sensitive for some time. The damaged field is no bigger than one inch; it is usually extra tender. A water discharge is another possible sign, but it’s too rare.

You may wonder what the reasons are. Every man should be ready to face gynecomastia – it is not some kind of disorder or disease. In most cases, one should not worry if it’s really gynecomastia. 70% of males (mostly, boys and adolescent guys) face the challenge during puberty. There is one woman hormone that males possess – estrogen. When it changes along with testosterone, this condition shows up. The Older male population can have this issue as well. So, the age does not matter. When the organism is growing, the hormone levels are also fluctuating. Various medicines and herbal goods based on oil or lavender can cause gynecomastia. These products may increase the breast size.