Most people have heard about the cirrhosis at least once in their lives. It is the most popular liver disease. Usually, it appears as the scarring of the healthy liver tissue, and this body part fails to perform as it should later. In case of the unavoidable or uncured disease, the organ starts to die off. The final stage of the disease is the complete failure of the important organ. It is impossible to live and work without this organ unless someone else agrees to give you one.

The next thing to discuss includes the various types of cirrhosis causes. Extra weight is another bad indicator of cirrhosis as well as some other liver and bowel-related conditions. People who consume more than 2 alcohol beverages per day can be attacked by this liver disease. Women are at the higher risk as, by surprise, they drink more than men. Of course, the limit is individualized. In most cases, the person has to consume several alcoholic beverages per day to face the problem in ten or twelve years.