What Are the Symptoms of Scarlet Fever?

The most common symptom of Scarlet fever is the rash. It is not red like in many other medical cases; it’s rather yellowish or brownish. The initial signs can be noticed on the face and neck. Sometimes, the shoulders and back are also injured. The child’s mouth may stay clear.

Many parents tend to confuse this symptom with the sunburn supported by the small bumps. The patients share that the damaged areas are itchy. Sooner or later, it covers the chest, moving to other life-critical organs.

scarlet fever symptoms1

Parents should be ready that the bodies of their children may be fully covered with the spots. There is no need to panic – it is better to consult the doctor to specify the diagnosis. In various body’s creases, the spot turns into the Pasti’a lines. The fields of arms and elbows may be covered with the rash. Those are red spots and streaks. People with darker skin face darker signs on the body surface. The damaged areas of the skin gets occupied by the goose-like pimples and experience a harsh sandpaper-like feel. The streaks on the injured places turn white, brown, or gray depending on the peculiarities of an organism.