Backache. You should be alerted if for several months or years you feel an obvious stiffness in the lower back and sacrum, and a strong limitation of mobility in the lumbar spine or the entire spine. This restriction of the mobility of the spine may also be a sign of psoriatic arthritis. The patient’s ability to turn on both sides, to the right or to the left, and to bend forward or back. The ill person usually turns or bends over the whole body, with a “straight back.”

Watch out for the deterioration of the appearance of fingernails and toenails. An unpleasant appearance of the nails may refer to diabetes or other illnesses like the one described in this block. It looks like they become too thin instead of being too thick. They become dim, weak; cavities are formed on them. Nails become like the surface of a thimble. This sign reveals a progressive form of psoriatic arthritis.