Which Symptoms of PPD You Can Notice

If you understand that something is going wrong with your close people, try to analyze their behavior with the help of these tips. See whether the individual is like always on guard, expecting something will go wrong sooner or later. Have you noticed anyone who is afraid of being harmed or offended without a good reason? It is hard for such people to build social relationships as they do not trust anyone.

The most typical signs of the paranoid personality disorder include:

  • Inability to forgive or forget something bad
  • Desire to focus on bad aspects of life instead of seeing something good
  • Unwillingness to value what they have
  • Belief that other people are using them
  • No trust in such traits as loyalty or credibility
  • No friends of partner for a long period of time
  • Inability to take fair criticism and improve correspondingly
  • Tendency to get angry or even fall in rage each time someone says something they dislike or acts in a wrong manner
  • Desire to notice hidden messages in the remarks that are not worth taking them seriously; do not understand some sort of jokes
  • Suspicious sense without any good reason
  • Frequent conflicts with people around
  • Strong desire to stay alone for a while; denial of any sort of relationships
  • Feeling jealous and envious too often and without reasons
  • Unwillingness to understand their true role in some life situations and fix own mistakes
  • Lack of relaxation and sleep