Issues with the brain and nervous system. Patients who have Lyme disease experience a curious psychological phenomenon in which they are convinced that their sickness is not severe. However, the disease can cause serious issues with the brain and nervous system. These include trouble with directing the mind and loss of memory. Patients also experience anxiety issues, emotional problems, personality disorders, and are often depressed. Issues with the nervous system, such as an extreme disruption in the awareness pattern and sensitivity of the basic senses, drooping shoulders or even a dysfunction of the cranial nerve, are quite common.

lyme disease2

An ache in the joints of the body. A little over half of those who suffer from Lyme disease will suffer an ache in the joints that may progressively become arthritis. This condition usually develops some months from the onset of the disease. The large joints of the body are the most affected, and most patients will develop problems with their wrists and knees, and also with the shoulders. There is considerable swelling in the joints, as well as tenderness, inflammation, and pain. Diagnosis and medical care are crucial, as this can turn into arthritis without treatment.